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YAMADA HEIANDO Lacquerware: Hand-Crafted Imperial Luxury for Japanese Emperor

G-202, Hillside Terace
18-12 Sarugaku-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0033 JAPAN


Thank You! Selected as a
Classic Souvenir from Japan.

This Square Plate "Ryu-ga" is one of YAMADA HEIANDO's top sellers often sent as a unique quality gift. We hope you will find it favourable as well.

Selected as a Classic Souvenir from Japan. | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware

Square Plate "Ryu-ga"

Square Plate

We are the proud purveyor of tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household.
YAMADA HEIANDO is a Japanese lacquerware brand with more than 90 years of history and traditions. Founded in 1919 in Tokyo Japan we have always been serving the finest lacquered products varying largely from classic set of tableware to modern line of stationery.

Our customers include the Japanese Imperial Household Foreign Embassies of Japan and renowned places of worship.

In the hope that more people will feel connected with the art of lacquerware we tell stories of contemporary lifestyle to the world via varieties of innovative line up. We have been the leading company in Japanese lacquerware industry standing out from others for our clear sense of time.

About YAMADA HEIANDO | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware
Square Plate

Special Dishes on Special Plates.
Create Exclusive Table with Signature "Ryu" Series.

Square Plate

A divine beauty flying up the sky a light embodiment tailing sparkles of gold. Dragons have always been the subject of admiration in Japan appearing in classical arts again and again.

YAMADA HEIANDO too is attracted to dragons' grand powers. It is so much that we created our signature "Ryu" Series (龍シリーズ) tableware with designs representing the celestial dragons. In a dazzling contrast with the black surface gold brush strokes feature how strongly at the same time elegantly dragons would fly in the sky. They are hand-painted one by one by our exclusive craftsmen using a traditional Japanese gilding technique called "maki-e."

We sized this particular square plate "Ryu-ga" (龍牙) in three different ways so that it suits a variety of dishes. Any food in any style from sushi to meat to cakes will be brightened of its daintiness by the refined strokes of gold dragons. (Further stories will be explained in the middle of this page).

Square Plate

What is URUSHI? All of YAMADA HEIANDO's products from classic set of tableware to modern line of stationery are finished with a traditional Japanese technique of lacquer coating. The technique applies sap of a specific lacquer tree called URUSHI (Rhus Verniciflua).

The history goes as far back as 3.4 million years ago when the lacquer sap was used as an adhesive in Asia during the Stone Age. It was us the Japanese however that first recognised the beauty inherent in lacquerware. We refined the coating technique to the level where it became nothing but art.

Today such distinguished craftsmen including ones in YAMADA HEIANDO's ordinary of course are entitled as a "Certified Traditional Craftsmen" from the government. We have been - and will always be - creating innovations with new varieties of lacquerware representing contemporary lifestyle both in Japan and over the world.

What is URUSHI? | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware

The Finishing Sparkles on Lacquerware.
Typical examples of lacquerware were ones with finishing called MAKI-E. It is a traditional Japanese technique of gilding to draw three-dimensional pictures and designs on a lacquered surface. Only meticulousness of the finest craftsmen can create this work of art by portraying classical motifs in lacquer on a pre-coated model and sprinkling gold and silver leaf on top.

This beauty of Japan has been fascinating people all over the world including Maria Theresa of the Habsburg dominions and her daughter Marie Antoinette. The two celebrities were so passionate that they set an entire room full of lacquered luxuries in the Schonbrunn Palace and the Palace of Versailles respectively. Maria Theresa even preferred lacquerware to "everything in the world all diamonds." They referred to lacquereware as "Japan " after respect and admiration for the glorious country of the Far East.

What is MAKIE? | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware
  • Square Plate

    Dragons in Gold
    Finished with
    Traditional "Maki-e."

  • with delicate sparkles
    of gold leaf

    Square Plate Square Plate
  • hand-painted
    in smooth strokes

    Square Plate Square Plate

From Sushi to Roasted Beef.
Three Sizes for a Variety of Dishes.

This square plate "Ryu-ga" (龍牙) features powerful brush strokes of the "maki-e" technique with gold leaf sparkling on the black surface. Its design traditionally Japanese yet strikingly modern has been popular among our customers worldwide. An elegant backdrop to highlight the colours shapes and textures of food the plate matches well with cooking in both Japanese and Western styles. You can choose the size that best fits your specialties - be it meat salad or cakes as well as sushi and sashimi.

< Suggested Specialties >

Large size: roasted beef
Medium size: sushi
Small size: cake

Stackable. Storable.
Space Savable.

Because there is no foot (a protrusion) on the back all three sizes of the plate can be safely stacked together when you store them in your cupboard.

Original Logo.
The Proof of Authenticity.

On the back of each product we carefully stamp our original logo in gold to prove that it is the genuine lacquerware of YAMADA HEIANDO's.

Square Plate

Colour and Design Variations

  1. Square Plate

    "Ryu-ga" (龍牙 Dragon) / large

  2. Square Plate

    "Ryu-ga" (龍牙 Dragon) / medium

  3. Square Plate

    "Ryu-ga" (龍牙 Dragon) / small


Square Plate "Ryu-ga"

Country of Origin



Large: 29.5cm * 29.5cm * 3.5cm
Medium: 22.5cm * 22.5cm * 3cm
Small: 15cm * 15cm * 2cm

Suggested Specialties to Coordinate with

Large: Dinner (Meat Fish Pasta)
Medium: Sushi Sashimi Salad
Small: Dessert (Cakes)


Large: 1 030g
Medium: 490g
Small: 220g


Resin composition containing wood powder


Urethane URUSHI (Lacquer)
MAKIE (Traditional Japanese technique of gilding)

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Gifts  Wrapped with Love. | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware

Square Plate Ryu-ga / Large

Country of origin JAPAN
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