"MAKIE" Lacquer work

The "MAKIE" is the traditional technique of drawing a picture or pattern using lacquer on lacquerware.
After a vessel has been completed coat with lacquer, draw a pattern or picture by lacquer again on the surface, and scatter gold dust and silver dust from the top, polish on the surface when it dries.
Generally speaking, it is called "Gold lacquer" in English. However, it is not only use gold dust, but also use silver dust and color powder, and draw a picture or pattern.
The Expo, which was held in Paris in the 19th century, "MAKIE" Lacquer works have been exhibited from Japan.
It is said that a technique of this "MAKIE" made Japanese culture widely known to the people of Europe at the time. 
Furthermore, it is said that people who saw the beautiful lacquer ware decorated with "MAKIE" has called lacquerware "Japan" because of the feelings of respect and admiration toward the culture and art of an unknown land "Japan".