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YAMADA HEIANDO Lacquerware: Hand-Crafted Imperial Luxury for Japanese Emperor

G-202, Hillside Terace
18-12 Sarugaku-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0033 JAPAN


Art from 300 Years Ago.
Timeless Beauty Flowering on Your Wall.

" Have a flower in life. Fill the room with your favourites. "

Such is the idea that sophisticated Japanese Art of its timeless beauty.

Unique in design sparkling in colour.
This flower look has always been attracting enthusiasts around the world.

Collectors from Japanese Emperor to Peter Drucker and
artists from van Gogh Klimt Monet to Debussy.
All hung their favourite Japanese Art in their rooms.

Based on the renowned painting by Master Artisan Ogata Korin
this wall art revives traditional aesthetics
unique as the original yet beautiful than ever.

With sensations in design and colour. With delicacy in touch and nuance.
The most famous masterpiece of Japanese Art is brought into today after centuries of history.

This is the art.

YAMADA HEIANDO Lacquerware: Hand-Crafted Imperial Luxury for Japanese Emperor

YAMADA HEIANDO Lacquerware: Hand-Crafted Imperial Luxury for Japanese Emperor

We are Proud Purveyor of Lacquerware

  • YAMADA HEIANDO is a Japanese lacquerware brand with more than 90 years of history and traditions. Founded in 1919 in Tokyo Japan we have always been serving the finest lacquer items. The extensive lineup ranges from classic sets of tableware to jewelry boxes in luxury with more than 400 items in total.

    Our customers include: the Japanese Emperor and his Imperial Family Foreign Embassies of Japan renowned shrines and temples for worship major global enterprises and of course private individuals throughout the world.

    In the hope that more people will feel the art of lacquerware we use only the best materials for our best craftsmen to work in. Genuine URUSHI lacquer in red and black sparkling MAKI-E gilding in gold delicate RADEN inlays of mother-of-pearls. We hold pride in possessing such techniques of Japanese traditions still as unique as they were centuries ago.

Based on Master Artisan Ogata Korin's

Master Artisan Ogata Korin | YAMADA HEIANDO Lacquerware: Hand-Crafted Imperial Luxury for Japanese Emperor

The Painter the World Fell in Love with.

Over the course of Japanese painting history OGATA KORIN is recognised as the everlasting grand master.

His unique structural sense attracted collectors critics and artists around the world raising Art Nouveau in 19th Century Europe.

  • Why This Wall Art is Popular
    Among Collectors
  • Master Artisan Korin Ogata's timeless structural beauty which marks flourishing of Japanese Art
  • three-dimensional effect of traditional Japanese Art
  • hand-painted nuance in genuine gold powders
  • longer lasting & easier maintenance than paintings
  • Famous Collectors & Artists Who Love Japanese Art
  • Japanese Emperor
  • Peter Drucker
  • Donald Keene
  • Joe Price
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Edgar Degas
  • Paul Gauguin
  • Hikonobu Ise
  • Gustav Klimt
  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  • Edouard Manet
  • Alphonse Mucha
  • Claude Monet
  • Claude Debussy

▲ original Red & White Plum Blossoms?by Master Artisan Ogata Korin
Japanese National Treasure from 18th Century
gold leaf on folding screens?? MOA Museum of Art

▲ reproduced UME Wall Art?by YAMADA HEIANDO
top selling d?cor in Japan

  1. How to Style Rooms :
  2. Cast light
  3. Arrange accent colours
  4. Coordinate motifs

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Sparkles of Gold Leaf
Appearing & Disappearing.

Ultra thin layers of gold leaves will emerge when light shines in the perfect angle.

Such delicate trick is what gives it three-dimensional effect of traditional Japanese Art.

? Roll over for the light effect.

Quintessence of Traditional Techniques in Pursuit of Quality.

Sparkling MAKI-E Gilding with
Ultrafine Gold Powders.

  • A renowned decoration technique in Japan's lacquerware creation MAKI-E gilding applies gold in multiple yet thin layers. We draw pictures by sprinkling ultrafine gold powders over wet lacquer.

    What characterises our MAKI-E gilding is its soothing touch made possible with our wide variety of gold powders. We have more than 300 variations in total each with different nuance in size thickness and form.

    They have been hammered out from solid gold to 1-1.2/10 000mm so thin that it lets light shine right through.

  • MAKI-E gilding can be classified further depending on how they are finished: HIRA MAKI-E for a flat finish and TAKA MAKI-E for a high finish.

    In flat HIRA MAKI-E the design is first drawn on a special tracing paper and then traced onto the undercoated surface in golden lacquer. Various types of fine paint brushes are used so that gold powders will adhere evenly when sprinkled over.

    The glittering particles are to be put more than thoroughly in multiple sizes from 0.005mm to 0.3mm in diameter to ensure complete coverage.

    It is only with artisans' exceptional skills to spread lacquer thin and powders uniform that the whole surface stays flat. Smooth to the touch but stunning to the eyes powdered and plain areas become borderless.

  • Once the lacquer has been dried off in a chamber and excess gold is removed with a soft cotton ball a clear outline of the design comes up to the surface.

    The sparkling powders are to be covered with additional coats of finishing lacquer to give the final gloss as well as to protect them from falling off. These coating layers are done extremely thin that the powders' gold texture is still tangible.

    At last elaborate design features including veins of leaves or filaments of flowers are drawn on the gold powders with thin lines of matching coloured lacquer.

  • High TAKA MAKI-E follows basically the same process except that it has an additional step in the initial design tracing. After painting the design onto the undercoated surface gold foils are cut in precise patterns and pasted to enhance the design in high relief.

    The surface is then covered with layers of golden lacquer sparkling powders in the same colour and finishing lacquer to reflect the glitter of light.

    TAKA MAKI-E is what makes the design three-dimensional one distinguishing characteristic of traditional Japanese Art.

URUSHI Lacquer Coating
Highly Rare and 100% Ecological.

  • URUSHI lacquer is a 100% ecological coating material made from sap of special trees (Rhus Verniciflua). One tree can produce 200ml sap at most in a lifetime which makes it highly rare.

    The history goes back as far as 3.4 million years to the Stone Age when URUSHI lacquer was used as an adhesive in Asia. With high resistance even to acid and alkali and a natural tendency to solidify at room temperature the 100% ecological coating has developed suitable for daily use.

  • It was the Japanese however that first recognised the beauty inherent in lacquerware.

    URUSHI lacquer trees may grow in other Asian countries but Japanese ones are famous for containing the most amount of sparkling component (It is named in Japanese Urushiol.). Our URUSHI lacquer has 65-70% of shining urushiol in comparison to others' 5-10%.

    The perfectly smooth surface reflecting the light and sparkling vivid colours. We refined the coating technique to the level where it became nothing but art.

  • Black
    from Nature

    The deep black colour is made by blending clear URUSHI lacquer with mineral-based pigments.

UME Wall Art (Gaku Kohakubai Ryusui no zu) / Picture Plate

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