We are the proud purveyor of tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household.
YAMADA HEIANDO is a Japanese lacquerware brand, with more than 90 years of history and traditions. Founded in 1919 in Tokyo, Japan, we have always been serving the finest lacquered products, varying largely from classic set of tableware to modern line of stationery.

Our customers include the Japanese Imperial Household, Foreign Embassies of Japan, and renowned places of worship.

In the hope that more people will feel connected with the art of lacquerware, we tell stories of contemporary lifestyle to the world via varieties of innovative line up. We have been the leading company in Japanese lacquerware industry, standing out from others for our clear sense of time.


About YAMADA HEIANDO | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware

What is URUSHI? All of YAMADA HEIANDO's products, from classic set of tableware to modern line of stationery, are finished with a traditional Japanese technique of lacquer coating. The technique applies sap of a specific lacquer tree called URUSHI (Rhus Verniciflua).

The history goes as far back as 3.4 million years ago, when the lacquer sap was used as an adhesive in Asia during the Stone Age. It was us the Japanese, however, that first recognised the beauty inherent in lacquerware. We refined the coating technique to the level where it became nothing but art.

Today, such distinguished craftsmen, including ones in YAMADA HEIANDO's ordinary of course, are entitled as a "Certified Traditional Craftsmen" from the government. We have been - and will always be - creating innovations with new varieties of lacquerware, representing contemporary lifestyle both in Japan and over the world.


What is URUSHI? | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware