So called "Ryu" in Japanese, in many cases, it means a creature of delivering from Chinese mythology. In Western myth, there is a legendary creature that appeared in the nickname of "Dragon", too. However, "Ryu" which is derived from China is different from the Western "Dragon", by folklore, figure and form.
In Japan, it is handed down "Ryu" can call thundercloud to its around by a roar, and it turns into a tornado, fly freely in the sky. For this reason, "Ryu" has been recognized it has the power to manipulate the weather, and in particular, it is worshiped as the god of rain and water. In addition, it has also recognized as a God responsible for the direction, and it is in charge of the east direction.
In Japan, the "Ryu" has been portrayed in many works of art (e.g. ceilings paintings and sliding door paintings) as a motif for a long time.
Heiando produce "Ryu" series which is dragon motif and contemporary design.