"Byakudan" Sandalwood

"Byakudan" is one of the technique which produce lacquerwares.
"Byakudan" is called "sandalwood" in English.
This wood has been used as material of the aromatic tree and the perfumed oil for a long time.
It has been used make various kind of implements familiar (e.g. a statue of Buddha and Buddhist altar fittings, the ribs of a fan, and raw material for incense), because it can give off a fragrance without heating.
In the core of "Byakudan" tree, color is yellow to brown, fragrance is strongly, it has been used as a raw material for luxury fragrance.
However, in the periphery part of its tree, color is whitish, fragrance is weak.
It is said that the lacquerware technique "Byakudan" paint was named by imitate the color of "Byakudan" wood.
Nowadays, craftsmen who inherit this technology has reduced,and it has been close to lost, because production of "Byakudan" paint require consuming much of time compared to normal production of lacquerware.
However, Yamada Heiando would like to leave this modest and beautiful hue into today, thereby Yamada Heiando adopt an idea of a designer "to express traditional technique of "Byakudan" paint in geometric design".
Like this, current "Byakudan" series was born.
By painting the lacquer on the surface which is pasted gold leaf and silver leaf, powder of gold and silver, or painted gold and silver, it is show slightly the color of the below gold and silver.
The hue which is just finished painting with "Byakudan" paint is "yellowish brown to darker amber". Pass few years, the upper lacquer layer become transparent, and it has appear the color of lower layer which is gold and silver.
It is a technique that the user can feel the joy such as your lacquerware has been dyed your own color by continue to use.