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What's URUSHI(Japanese lacquer)

Asian lacquer trees produce a unique, natural sap that is unequaled by modern imitations.The sap's strength makes our products both highly durable and water-resistant.

Human use of this lacquer sap has a history that goes back to the Stone Age, when it was originally utilized as an adhesive throughout Asia. It is the Japanese, however, who were first to recognize its inherent beauty and who first introduced its use into their craftsmanship.

Some might be familiar with "wabisabi," a term that refers to the appreciation of beauty that resides within things that slowly alter their appearance with time. The term has come to represent a quintessentially Japanese sense of aesthetics and culture.

By combining the durability of lacquer with the slowly changing beauty of "wabisabi," we have developed a line of representative Japanese products that range from everyday.

One among the several techniques that have developed in the history of lacquerware making, "MAKIE" is a Japanese gilding technique that adds the illusion of a three-dimensional quality to the images on a lacquered surface. Makie's meticulous craftsmanship and its elegant finishing are what gave lacquerware its original name as "Japan" or "Japanese". By applying new materials like cashew sap and wood compounds(MDF), we strive to innovate reasonable, yet reliable products in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Currently, our expanding product line includes not only tableware but also stationery and accessories that are particularly popular with overseas customers.

We hope our customers enjoy Japanese culture through the beauty of our lacquerware.