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"Suimono" Soup Bowls, Set of 5


"Suimono" Soup Bowls / Bicolour is...

  • This is a bowl produced with a technique called "Nuri-Wake".

This item is a five-piece set.
It is suitable for dishing up soups. Good heat retention and the fact that it is not hot to the touch are the reason.

<Suimono-wan Nuriwake, 5 Kyaku-gumi> Heiando

size(cm) : φ11.5*9.7

material : Wood

quality   : URUSHI

notes     : This is a five-piece set.
               It includes chopsticks (each piece of bowls with one pair of chopsticks).

Suimono-Wan Nuri-Wake Go-kyaku-kumi

"Suimono" Soup Bowls, Set of 5 / BicolourSuimono-wan Nuriwake, 5 Kyaku-gumi

Item number wa-suimonowannuriwake

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 2,085.53USD(220,000JPY)
Variation Code 01

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