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Small Soup Bowl, with Zodiac Animal

Small Soup Bowl, with Zodiac Animal, is...

  • This is a small soup bowl with a design of Japanese zodiac animals.

Each animal is drawn on a either red or black background.

Variation Code 01 and 02: "ne" (子 rat)
Variation Code 03 and 04: "ushi" (丑 ox)
Variation Code 05 and 06: "tora" (寅 tiger)
Variation Code 07 and 08: "u" (卯 rabbit)
Variation Code 09 and 10: "tatsu" (辰 dragon)
Variation Code 11 and 12: "mi" (巳 snake)
Variation Code 13 and 14: "uma" (午 horse)
Variation Code 15 and 16: "hitsuji" (未 sheep)
Variation Code 17 and 18: "saru" (申 monkey)
Variation Code 19 and 20: "tori" (酉 rooster)
Variation Code 21 and 22: "inu" (戌 dog)
Variation Code 23 and 24: "yi" (亥 boar).

Select the animal for the year a baby was born, and this bowl would make a nice baby gift.

<Eto Shiru-wan> Heiando

Size (cm) : φ 11 * 7

Material   : Wood

Quality    : URUSHI (lacquer)

Note       : This item includes chopsticks (One pair of chopsticks for one bowl.).


Small Soup Bowl, with Zodiac AnimalEto Shiru-wan

Item number wa-etoshiruwan

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 79.65USD(8,500JPY)
01: Shu (red) / Ne (mouse)  
02: Kuro (black) / Ne (mouse)  
03: Shu (red) / Ushi (ox)  
04: Kuro (black) / Ushi (ox)  
05: Shu (red) / Tora (tiger)  
06: Kuro (black) / Tora (tiger)  
07: Shu (red) / U (rabbit)  
08: Kuro (black) / U (rabbit)  
09: Shu (red) / Tatsu (dragon)  
10: Kuro (black) / Tatsu (dragon)  
11: Shu (red) / Mi (snake)  
12: Kuro (black) / Mi (snake)  
13: Shu (red) / Uma (horse)  
14: Kuro (black) / Uma (horse)  
15: Shu (red) / Hitsuji (sheep)  
16: Kuro (black) / Hitsuji (sheep)  
17: Shu (red) / Saru (monkey)  
18: Kuro (black) / Saru (monkey)  
19: Shu (red) / Tori (rooster)  
20: Kuro (black) / Tori (rooster)  
21: Shu (red) / Inu (dog)  
22: Kuro (black) / Inu (dog)  
23: Shu (red) / Yi (boar)  
24: Kuro (black) / Yi (boar)  
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