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"Sakazuki" Cup

Golden Cloud

"Sakazuki" Cup / Golden Cloud is...

This is what depict traditional design of Japan called "Kin-kumo(golden clouds)" that craftsman paste the "Kin-paku" in the image of the cloud. In Japan, it is used when drinking the Sake. Sake contain alcohol about 15%,it is almost the same as wine contain. Sake does not drink like a beer. It not poured it into mug or glass and gulped down it. Pour Sake into this small vessel,and drinking a bite and a bite, is Japanese traditional style.
Of course, there is also a cup made of glass,porcelain and pottery. When it touches the lips cup of wooden lacquered,coldness and hardness is hard to feel,so user can drink liquor more tasty.
In addition, this "Sakazuki", you can use it not only pour drinks and liquors into, and also can serve appetizers, nuts and dried fruit into.
Variation Code 01 is "Arai-Shu" color. Variation Code 02 is black.

"Variation Code 01" colore that close to Orange called "Arai-Shu" in Japanese. This color("Arai-Shu") has been recognized noble color traditionally in Japan,and it has been used in temples and shrines for a long time.
About "Variation Code 02", the contrast between gold and jet black is traditional design of Japan, and it is popular for a long time.

<Kin-kumo-hai> Heiando

Size (cm) : φ 8.5 * 5.5

Material   : Wood

Quality    : URUSHI (lacquer), HON-KINPAKU (pure gold leaf)


"Sakazuki" Cup / Golden CloudKin-kumo-hai

Item number va-kinkumohai

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 61.07USD(6,500JPY)
Variation Code 01: Araishu (vermilion) 02: Kuro (black)
Consumption tax will be added separately if shipping to Japan.

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