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YAMADA HEIANDO Lacquerware: Hand-Crafted Imperial Luxury for Japanese Emperor

G-202, Hillside Terace
18-12 Sarugaku-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0033 JAPAN

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Shiru-Wan Mayumi

Soup Bowl "Mayumi"Shiru-wan Mayumi

  • Sale price 63.4USD(6,500JPY)

Out of stock

Soup Bowl "Mayumi"

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Shiru-Wan Suzu-Urushi

Soup Bowl / Tinned Urushi LacquerShiru-wan Suzu Urushi

  • Sale price 87.79USD(9,000JPY)

Soup Bowl / Tin Urushi Lacquer

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"Mutsumi" Soup Bowls in Pair | YAMADA HEIANDO - Japanese Emperor's choice of lacquerware

Wakamatsu Soup Bowls in pairWakamatsu Soup Bowls in pair (Mutsumi-wan Wakamatsu)

  • Sale price 634.04USD(65,000JPY)

Wakamatsu Soup Bowls in pair

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Mutsumi-Wan Hisago-Shunju

"Mutsumi" Soup Bowls in Pair / Japanese Gourd & FlowerMutsumi-Wan Hisago-Shunju

  • Sale price 195.09USD(20,000JPY)

"Mutsumi" Soup Bowls in Pair / Japanese Gourd & Flower

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Suimono-Wan Byakudan

"Suimono" Soup Bowl / SandalwoodSuimono-wan Byakudan

  • Sale price 273.13USD(28,000JPY)

"Suimono" Soup Bowl / Sandalwood

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Zoni-Wan Shu

"Zoni" Soup Bowl / Antique RedZoni-wan Kodaishu

  • Sale price 175.58USD(18,000JPY)

"Zoni" Soup Bowl / Antique Red

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Shiru-Wan Usubiki Kiji-Tame

Soup Bowl / Thin Lacquer Coat / Fine-Grained Tame BrownShiru-wan Usubiki Kiji Tame

  • Sale price 117.05USD(12,000JPY)

Out of stock

Soup Bowl / Thin Lacquer Coat / Fine-Grained Tame Brown

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Mutsumi-Wan Mizu-hiki

"Mutsumi" Soup Bowls in Pair / "Mizuhiki" Decoration RibbonMutsumi-wan Mizuhiki

  • Sale price 107.3USD(11,000JPY)

"Mutsumi" Soup Bowls in Pair / "Mizuhiki" Decoration Ribbon

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Fufu-Wan Tsuru-Kame

"Fufu" Soup Bowls in Pair / Crane & TurtleFufu-wan Tsuru Kame

  • Sale price 117.05USD(12,000JPY)

"Fufu" Soup Bowls in Pair / Crane & Turtle

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Shiru-Wan Nichi-Getsu

Deep Soup Bowl / Sun & MoonShiru-wan Nichigetsu

  • Sale price 117.05USD(12,000JPY)

Deep Soup Bowl / Sun & Moon

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Small Soup Bowl, with Zodiac AnimalEto Shiru-wan

  • Sale price 92.67USD(9,500JPY)

Small Soup Bowl / Zodiac Animal design in 12 variations

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Shiru-wan Tame

Deep Soup Bowl / Tame BrownShiru-wan Tame

  • Sale price 97.55USD(10,000JPY)

Deep Soup Bowl / Tame Brown

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Shiru-Wan Nuri-Wake

Soup Bowl / BicolourShiru-wan Nuriwake

  • Sale price 48.77USD(5,000JPY)

Soup Bowl / Bicolour

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Shiru-Wan Kannasuji

Soup Bowl / Shaved StripesShiru-wan Kannasuji

  • Sale price 53.65USD(5,500JPY)

Soup Bowl / Shaved Stripes

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Shiru-Wan Bokashi

Soup Bowl / GradationShiru-wan Bokashi

  • Sale price 46.82USD(4,800JPY)

Soup Bowl / Gradation

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Shiru-Wan Keyaki-Hirasuji

Soup Bowl / Japanese Zelkova with Flat StripesShiru-wan Keyaki Hirasuji

  • Sale price 48.77USD(5,000JPY)

Soup Bowl / Japanese Zelkova with Flat Stripes

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