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Small Bowls "Fukura," Set of 5

Small Bowls "Fukura" are...

"Kodai-Shu" series is popular among products of Heiando.
This item is a five-piece set.
It is suitable for dishing up desserts.

The hue of this vessel has been called "Kodai-Shu", and it is traditional color in Japan.
This color is popular in Yamada Heiando, because it matches other tableware and food which is dished up into its vessels well.

<Fukura Ko-hachi Shu, 5 Mai-gumi> Heiando

size(cm) : 9.5*11*5

material : Plastic

quality   : URUSHI

notes     : This is a five-piece set

Fukura-Ko-Hachi Shu Go-ko-kumi

Small Bowls "Fukura," Set of 5Fukura Ko-hachi Shu, 5 Mai-gumi

Item number ha-fukurakobati-st5

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 103.37USD(11,000JPY)
Variation Code 01: Shu (red)
Consumption tax will be added separately if shipping to Japan.

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