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Decorative Plaque

Reproduction of Ogata Korin's Ume Plum

Decorative Plaque / Reproduction of Ogata Korin's Ume Plum is...

  • This is a panel depicting the "Kohaku Bai-zu Byobu" by "Ogata Korin" who is a painter of the 18th century in Japan.

Please place in the room, and appreciate this panel.
On the left side have drawn white "Ume" tree, on the right side have drawn red "Ume" tree, the river flowing through the center symbolizes the passage of time.
This board is what depict paintings popular since ancient times with the technique of traditional lacquer called "MAKIE".
Heiando recommend display it in the entrance or guest room, or for gifts.
The board, can be displayed leaning against like a photograph , or can be displayed to be hang on the wall. When you hang it on the wall, please hook the cord that is attached to the back side of this board on some nails.  

By sprinkling "Kin-pun" on the surface of the board, we expressed Japanese classic "beauty" with technique of lacquer.
The river is painted with three tones of gold, and the color of white and red "Ume" blossoms, let feel the elegant impression to the viewer.

<Gaku Kohakubai Ryusui no Zu> Heiando

size(cm) : 27.5*54.5*1

material : MDF:Medium Density Fiberboard

quality   : Urethane coating

Gaku Kohaku-Ume-Ryu-Sui-no-Zu(Korin-ustushi)

Decorative Plaque / Reproduction of Ogata Korin's Ume PlumGaku Kohakubai Ryusui no Zu

Item number gaku-kh

Country of originJAPAN
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