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"Ogata Korin"

He is an artist of the mid-Edo period (17th century), and one of main artists of "Rimpa(one of plastic arts school of Japan)".
He was born in a wealthy mercer of "Kimono", he grew up with touching upon various art from an early age.
He came under significant influence from the works of "Tawaraya Sotatsu", and succeed to establish his own style of work.
"Decorative and splendid representations", "the Sharp eye for nature", and "the Prominent forming sense" are his characteristic style.
In his later years, he also decorated into potteries made by his brother named "Ogata Kenzan".
As his masterpieces, there are "Kohaku-Umezu-Byobu(Red and White Plum Blossoms)" and "Yatsuhashi-Zu-Byobu(Eight–Planked Bridge)".
"Kohaku-Umezu-Byobu(Red and White Plum Blossoms)" has been recognized to the greatest work of "Rimpa", and it is designated a national treasure of Japan.
"Yatsuhashi-Zu-Byobu(Eight–Planked Bridge)" was painted on "the Ise monogatari (The Tales of Ise/a series of poems on love and journeying, accompanied by brief textual notes)" motif, and it is owned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, United States of America.