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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Steps to Complete Order

  • Step 1.Put selected items in car
    (When you order from the item page)
    ①You choose the currency that you want to use at the time of settlement.
    ②When you find an item you want, select the Variation Code, and click on the "Add to Cart" button.

    Step 2.Confirm your cart's contents, and click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button.
    If you want to buy the other items together,click on the "Continue Shopping" button.

    Step 3.Enter in your shipping and payment information, and click on the"Confirm Order" button.

    For customers who have not yet registered member registration, please click on the Guests side and enter your postal code and address.
  • Input a destination address in New shipping address.
    If you want to send to the already registered address, please select the destination in Shipping address.
  • Step 4.After confirming your order and click on the"Place order" button,
    the "Finished" page is shown, and Confirmation email is sent to your registered email address.