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YAMADA HEIANDO Lacquerware: Hand-Crafted Imperial Luxury for Japanese Emperor

G-202, Hillside Terace
18-12 Sarugaku-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0033 JAPAN

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Hira-sakazuki Kinpaku

Flat "Sakazuki" Cup / Gold LeafHira-sakazuki Kinpaku

  • Sale price 239.83USD(25,000JPY)

Flat "Sakazuki" Cup / Gold Leaf

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"Sakazuki" Cup for Additional Purchase / Gold LeafKin-hai

  • Sale price 191.86USD(20,000JPY)

"Sakazuki" Cup for Additional Purchase / Gold Leaf

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Soba-Choko Fuchi-Suzu with plate

"Soba Choko" Cup with Plate / Tin Maki-eSoba Choko Fuchi Suzu, Sara-tsuki

  • Sale price 57.56USD(6,000JPY)

"Soba Choko" Cup with Plate / Tin Maki-e

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Soba-Choko Nichi-Getsu with plate

"Soba Choko" Cup with Plate / Sun & MoonSoba Choko Nichigetsu, Sara-tsuki

  • Sale price 71.95USD(7,500JPY)

"Soba Choko" Cup, with Plate / Sun & Moon

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Maru-Sakazuki Ginji

Round "Sakazuki" Cup / SilverMaru-sakazuki Ginji

  • Sale price 143.9USD(15,000JPY)

Round "Sakazuki" Cup / Silver

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Cup / Japanese ZelkovaKeyaki Cup

  • Sale price 57.56USD(6,000JPY)

Cup / Japanese Zelkova

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Toso-ki-soroi Wa-Tsunagi

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / RingTosoki-soroi Wa-tsunagi

  • Sale price 527.62USD(55,000JPY)

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / Ring

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Toso-ki-soroi Fuchi-Suzu-Maki-e

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / Tin Maki-eTosoki Fuchi Suzu Maki-e

  • Sale price 3,837.25USD(400,000JPY)

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / Tin Maki-e

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Toso-ki-soroi Nanten-Maki-e

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / Heavenly BambooTosoki-soroi Nanten Maki-e

  • Sale price 1,247.11USD(130,000JPY)

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Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / Heavenly Bamboo

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Toso-ki-soroi Kodaishu

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / Antique RedTosoki-soroi Kodaishu

  • Sale price 671.52USD(70,000JPY)

Out of stock

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / Antique Red

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Toso-ki-Set Byakudan

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / SandalwoodTosoki Set Byakudan

  • Sale price 402.91USD(42,000JPY)

Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki" / Sandalwood

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Tai-Hai Kuro

Large Sake Cup / "Shaku-go" Size / BlackTai-hai Kuro

  • Sale price 239.83USD(25,000JPY)

Large Sake Cup / "Shaku-go" Size / Black

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Tai-Hai Shu

Large Sake Cup / "Shaku-san" Size / RedTai-hai Shu

  • Sale price 191.86USD(20,000JPY)

Large Sake Cup / "Shaku-san" Size / Red

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Sakazuki Hon-Shu-ni-Plutinum-Haku

"Sakazuki" Cup / Red with Platinum Maki-eSakazuki Hon-shu ni Plutinum Maki-e

  • Sale price 191.86USD(20,000JPY)

"Sakazuki" Cup / Gold Leaf / Red

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Sakazuki Sikkoku-ni-Kin-paku

"Sakazuki" Cup / Black with Gold LeafSakazuki Shikkoku ni Kinpaku

  • Sale price 172.68USD(18,000JPY)

"Sakazuki" Cup / Gold Leaf / Black

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Mi-tsu-kumi-Hai Kin-Obi Sakazuki-Dai-tsuki

"Sakazuki" Cups, Set of 3, with Stand / Gold Obi StripeMitsu-kumi-hai Kin Obi Sakazuki-dai-tsuki

  • Sale price 172.68USD(18,000JPY)

"Sakazuki" Cups, Set of 3, with Stand / Gold Obi Stripe

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Gui-Nomi Ichimatsu Pair

"Guinomi" Cups, Set of 2 / Ichimatsu ChequerGuinomi Ichimatsu Pair

  • Sale price 143.9USD(15,000JPY)

"Guinomi" Cups, Set of 2 / Ichimatsu Chequer

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Tai-Hai Shaku

Large Sake Cup / "Shaku" SizeTai-hai Shaku

  • Sale price 76.74USD(8,000JPY)

Large Sake Cup / "Shaku" Size

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Sake Drinking Set "Tosoki"

Sen-men Drinking Set for "Sake" Rice WineSen-men Drinking Set for "Sake" Rice Wine (Tosoki-soroi Sen-men Maki-e)

  • Sale price 1,726.76USD(180,000JPY)

Sen-men Drinking Set for "Sake" Rice Wine

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Shuki-soroi Kinpaku

Sake Drinking Set "Shuki" / Gold LeafShuki-soroi Kinpaku

  • Sale price 1,438.97USD(150,000JPY)

Sake Drinking Set "Shuki" / Gold Leaf

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"Sakazuki" Cup / Golden CloudKin-kumo-hai

  • Sale price 67.15USD(7,000JPY)

"Sakazuki" Cup / Golden Cloud

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