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Rim Bowls in Pair

Rim Bowls in Pair are...

  • This is a "Suehiro(broadens towards the top)"-shaped bowl.

The "Suehiro" is an auspicious shape, and it means being increasingly successful.
This item is a two-piece set.
Heiando recommend this item as gifts.
Variation Code 01 is a set of two "Kodai-Shu" colored bowls.
Variation Code 02 is a set of a "Kodai-Shu" colored bowl and a black colored bowl.
Variation Code 03 is a set of two black colored bowls.

In this set, you can choose one types among two vermilion one (Variation code 01), black one and vermilion one (Variation code 02), and two black one (Variation code 03).

<Sue-hiro Hachi Meoto Pair> Heiando

size(cm) : φ17*7.5

material : Plastic

quality   : URUSHI

notes     : This is a two-piece set

Suehiro-Hachi Meoto Pair

Rim Bowl in PairSuehiro Hachi Meoto Pair

Item number bridal-suehiro

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 37.59USD(4,000JPY)
Variation Code 01:Shu(red)×Shu(red) 02:Shu(red)×Kuro(black) 03:Kuro(black)×Kuro(black)
Consumption tax will be added separately if shipping to Japan.

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