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"Obon" Serving Tray

Sandalwood in Stripes

"Obon" Serving Tray / Sandalwood in Stripes is...

  • This is a tray produced with a technique called "Byakudan".

The "Byakudan" is a traditional technique of lacquer crafts.
This item is suitable for dishing up hors d'oeuvre.
Also, it matches various lifestyles well.
In addition, Heiando recommend this item as souvenirs.

<Maru Bon Obi Byakudan> Heiando

size(cm) : φ30*2

material : Wood

quality   : URUSHI

Maru-Bon Obi-Byakudan

"Obon" Serving Tray / Sandalwood in StripesMaru Bon Obi Byakudan

Item number bon-obibyakudan

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 189.59USD(20,000JPY)
Variation Code 01
Consumption tax will be added separately if shipping to Japan.

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