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"Obon" Serving Tray

Long Octagonal / Sandalwood

"Obon" Serving Tray / Long Octagonal / Sandalwood is...

  • This is a tray produced with a technique called "Byakudan".

The "Byakudan" is a traditional technique of lacquer crafts.
This item is suitable for dishing up hors d'oeuvre.
You can serve variety of dishes on it as well as Japanese dishes.
In addition, Heiando recommend this item as gifts.

<Nagate Hakkaku Bon Byakudan> Heiando

size(cm) : 18*30*1.5

material : Wood

quality   : Cashew Lacquer

Nagate-Hakkaku-Bon Byakudan
Nagate-Hakkaku-Bon Byakudan

"Obon" Serving Tray / Long Octagonal / SandalwoodNagate Hakkaku Bon Byakudan

Item number bon-nagate8kakubonbyakudan

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 61.15USD(6,500JPY)
Variation Code 01
Consumption tax will be added separately if shipping to Japan.

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