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"Obon" Serving Tray

Sandalwood / Large

"Obon" Serving Tray / Sandalwood / Large is...

  • This is a tray produced with a technique called "Byakudan".

The "Byakudan" is a traditional technique of lacquer crafts.
This item is suitable for dishing up hors d'oeuvre.
Also, it matches daily use.

"Byakudan" lacquer is a technique which applies numerous layered coat (e.g. lacquer, "Gin-paku", lacquer). Therefore, people can see the texture of lower layers through overlying layers. As a whole, it is technique which appears deep amber. It has only atmosphere, and it is too difficult to represent this atmosphere with other ways.
This "Byakudan" lacquer attractive in aging. It looks more radiant as it used. It can be used over a long time.

<Maru Bon Byakudan / Large> Heiando

size(cm) : φ31.5*2

material : Wood

quality   : Cashew Lacquer

Maru-Bon Byakudan Large

"Obon" Serving Tray / Sandalwood / LargeMaru Bon Byakudan / Large

Item number bon-marubonbyakudanl

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 47.4USD(5,000JPY)
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