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Hexagonal Chopsticks

Hexagonal Chopsticks are...

  • This is chopsticks produced with wood.

Variation Code 01 is "Shu" color.
Variation Code 02 is black.

<Rokkaku Hashi> Heiando

size(cm) : 22(Variation Code 01)
               25(Variation Code 02)

material : Wood

quality   : URUSHI

Rokkaku-Hashi Shu/Kuro

Hexagonal ChopsticksRokkaku Hashi

Item number 6cho-nuri

Country of originJAPAN
  • Sale price 46.98USD(5,000JPY)
Variation Code 01:large/Shu(red) 02:small/Kuro(black)
Consumption tax will be added separately if shipping to Japan.

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